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Learn About PHP Compatibility with WordPress

Posted on 21 August, 2023 08:01am

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The technology evolve over the years and so do their variations. The new variations include higher features, overall performance upgrades, prolonged functionalities, protection upgrades, and many more.

This is why it makes feel to improve the websites and web applications which might be constructed with older variations.

Selection of PHP programming language is one of the maximum important factors of the era stack finalized to develop a website, web application, or web portal.

As a rely of fact, According to W3Tech, 78.9% of the websites on the internet made with PHP.

It is likewise a possibility for a Best WordPress development organisation like ours to make their clients aware about the situation.

So what all of this excitement is about?

Supposedly, maximum of the website hosting companies are deprecating or terminating the assist for PHP 7.3 and older. And WordPress Ver 5.6 or above will assist PHP 7.4 and later (8.0 is the latest).

It is a demanding truth that PHP Version 5.0 continues to be most favourite over 44% of websites. Imagine what number of greater websites might be most favourable on version earlier than 7.4. Have a examine the image beneath that indicates PHP Versions Usage Stats.

Image source

According to the legal WordPress Stats page, as of writing this, a more then 50% of all WordPress websites owners are running their website in unsupported versions of PHP.

Being a best web application organization, it's our responsibility to inform our customers.

The PHP community has been notified that everyone the hosting service suppliers are going to be discontinuing their support for all PHP versions older than 7.4 by the end of 2022.

As a best PHP development organization, we try to keep track of however every PHP version evolves, particularly how fast it is adopted by the leading website and web app developers.

Why must you Upgrade to the newest PHP Version?

As we've got understood the same advantages of staying updated with the versions of PHP, here we'll see the drawbacks of not upgrading to the minimum requirements.

Growing Risks

It has been a while that support for PHP 7.3 and versions below that has been officially over.

So it will increase risk in terms of security if website will not upgrade.

Imagine a customized eCommerce web application having a huge consumer base and payment integration implemented.

It would be higher chance of getting affected with malware if version is not up to date.


It directly is connected to the end-user experience and the success of your web application or website.

The precis of core advantages is given under when your WordPress web sites remain up to date with the latest PHP version.

  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Security
  • Functions

And that is why it's been determined that the PHP versions beneath 7.4 will not be supported on their servers.

This is why hosting services suppliers are requesting their customers to upgrade their website or web application version.

So now you got idea about importance to upgrade PHP version, but you might not get idea what to do and how to do it?

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