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Android app development

The smartphone sector is expanding, and so do the Android app world, it holds 80% of the market share roughly. With everyone on the move recently, accessing the virtual world through hand-held devices, it'll be fairly right to mention that applications are the foremost engaging platform for the consumers.

Are you trying to find the most effective app development company for your Android app? consider OptimumItApps. We design and develop custom Android apps for every type of companies, from small startups to large enterprises. Contact us today to validate your app idea and obtain a free consultation.

If you would like an Android app development company with a robust portfolio, consider OptimumItApps. We have developed hundreds of custom Android apps for small startups to big enterprises.

From design and development to testing and support, our team of mobile app experts employs the newest technologies and design features to make best-in-class apps for the Android OS .

Our Step-By-Step Android App Development Process


Gather Requirements, Stakeholder and Competitor Analysis, Tech Feasibility, App Monetization

UI/UX Design

Wireframing, Concept Design, UI Design, Visual, Micro-interactions


Frontend Backend Development, Features Development, Integration, Code Review

Testing And QA

Unit Testing, A/B testing, Quality Analysis, Check and test the app for bugs, conduct the required revisions, all occurring issues will be resolved.

App Deployment

app deployment at Play Store. Customers can download the app and you'll generate a profitable ROI.


Transparency in our approach, and promptness with easy communication makes us one to work with flexibly. The apps we've developed not only received good feedback from the clients, but are loved by their customers and have worked wonders to extend their influence and presence within the market.

Flutter mobile app development

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google which uses DART as its primary language. Complete with widgets, tools, and a proper framework, Google’s mobile app SDK provides Flutter app developers with a chance to simply build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

Ever since Flutter entered the market, it's become almost impossible to seek out a difference between a Native app and one developed using Flutter SDK. The smoothness, slickness, and mere nativeness that Flutter app development services provide makes it a perfect choice.

Gone are the times when modern developers struggled with screen sizes and aspect ratios. Today, Flutter app developers deploy codes across various platforms and devices, and with the help of Hot Reload decreases the development time by 20%.

Flutter Benefits

Expedite development speed

Using Dart Flutter exclude the XML, and make the process faster.

Cupertino and Material design

with Flutter cross-platform Native apps got a brand new meaning with a widget library made from both Google's Material Design and Apple's Cupertino.

Hot reload

By Hot Reload Flutter shows the results of your code changes on the app screen instantaneously. It helps in fixing bugs, adding features and experimenting faster.

One codebase

Because of single Codebase Flutter promotes easy debugging and updating, all in one place. Flutter App builders can practically reuse 100% of the code for iOS and Android which successively expedites the development process.

Less testing

Flutter means less code, and less code means less bugs. thanks to one codebase, Flutter developers write automatic tests just once and therefore the quality assurance process accelerates.

Ideal for MVP

Flutter is ideal when you have little time and wish to rapidly develop an MVP, and promote it to potential investors.

Our extremely trustworthy and unparalleled Flutter app developers help enterprises and businesses to style high-quality native interfaces on cross-platform.

We will ensure you that your app will get best practices of industry, being backed by our professional Flutter developers. to depart a long-term impression on our tech-savvy, modern clients,

IOS App Development

OptimumItApps is a mobile app development company with over a decade of experience in iOS app development services. If you're looking to hire iOS app developers to bring your iOS app idea to life, we are the correct choice. Whether you're entrepreneurs, start-ups or businesses of any scale, our iOS solutions cover all of your needs.

Smoothness and simplicity are the essence of iOS apps, and at OptimumItApps, we aim to bring this to actuality. Our mobile app development process is transparent, flexible, and uses innovative technology to deliver powerful and functional solutions.

Custom iOS Application Development iOS App development is the perfect combination of fluid design and solid functionality. we've experience building, deploying iOS app since its origin. Our iOS developers carry on thus far with the latest framework and guidelines about iOS so that we are able to build the best App for you.

Beautiful, and Modern User Experience Design is at the center of all things Apple. A beautifully crafted UI will keep your users engaged together with your product and build your brand. Our team of designers are pixel-perfect perfectionist when it involves designing for iOS

Power of contemporary hardware Modern iPhones, iPads are as powerful as your desktop. With multitasking & multiprocessing possible in modern iOS devices, there's little or no iOS can’t do. Unleash the complete power of recent Apple hardware for your business with our iOS development services

Our Standard iPhone App Development Process We have very much experience and with experience we made a development process by using that process our team has delivered many big projects. The insights from these experiences have helped us develop an app development process that's flexible and cost-effective.

Analysis of Requirements Wireframing and Designing Development Process Testing

Why Choose us for Android - iOS Apps?

  • Hundreds of Applications Deployed.
  • Partners at all Stages with End to end Services.
  • Conceptualization, Design, Development, Quality and Deployment.
  • Experienced team with sound knowledge.
  • Offshore mobile development company specializing in digital evolution.
  • Flexible Models of Pricing and Timing to fit your Needs.
  • Consultation, Proof of Concept and enormous Applications.

We at OptimumItApps have specialized team of app developer who will customized app in whichever field you want, so if you want one don't keep thinking take action and contact us, we will help you to achieve your dream.


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