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Javascript Web development

JavaScript is most popular and in demand technology for front-end along with CSS and HTML nowadays. With the use of JavaScript, we can create interactive web pages and that is why many of popular websites are migrating themselves to JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most admired programming languages that allows developing multi-purpose apps.

JavaScript is a powerful framework that enables the creation of highly dynamic and responsive websites and applications that are comparable with Native desktop or Mobile applications in terms of load time and processing speed and overall performance

Being one of the well-known JavaScript development companies in India, Optimumitapps have proficiency in developing a JS development solution to fulfil all your business needs. We've developed apps that are used in various industries from Private companies to accounting firm, start-ups and small businesses.

Whether you're a Startup, medium sized company or enterprise-level company, we will help you develop a secure, robust and scalable application which will fully meet your requirements.

JavaScript technologies & Frameworks we work in

We develop unique and feature rich applications using the most in demand JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and toolsets.

We are proficient in React JS, Next JS - framework built using react, Vue JS and Angular JS. Let’s see little bit about each framework or library and see the advantages and why to use different framework for different use cases:

We are expert in

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React JS
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Next JS
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Angular JS
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Vue JS

React JS

This JS library make the development process considerably easier while increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time.

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library which is also very effectual and flexible, that was developed and is maintained by Facebook. Web apps made with react are simple in developing, speedy in rendering and also easy to scale after deployment.

It is also popular because of reusable components for building quick and iterative UIs (user interfaces).

Why to choose React js

  • User friendly, fast, and responsive single page applications (SPAs)
  • Developing quick loading web apps
  • Creating apps that are SEO friendly
  • Single Page App (SPA) development
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Enhanced Code Stability
  • Used by Fortune 500 Companies
  • Unique Abstraction Layer
  • Rich UI Focused Design
  • Fast Rendering and excellent Performance
  • It provides Flexibility and Reusability

Next JS

Next.js is an open-source, popular and lightweight web development framework created by Vercel using React enabling web applications with server-side rendering and generating static websites.

React doc also states that Next.js is "Recommended Toolchains" and further advising it to developers as a solution while "Building a server-rendered website with Node.js”

It is great for building static as well as dynamic feature rich websites, it is Most useful in building:

  • Blogs
  • Interactive UIs (user interfaces)
  • Jamstack websites
  • Complex and demanding web applications
  • eCommerce and retail websites
  • Web Portals
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Single web pages & Static websites
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) based products
  • Dashboards

Why to choose Next js

  • Blazing Fast using CDN and Edge
  • Great Performance
  • SEO Friendly
  • Rapid Feature Development
  • Data security
  • Apple, McDonald's, Ferrari and Nike trust & use NextJS
  • Server-side rendering (SSR)
  • Static side generation (SSG)
  • Image optimization and Responsiveness
  • File based routing
  • Rich User Experience
  • Real visitor data and insights using Next.js Analytics

Vue JS

Vue js has MVVM architecture which is Model-View-ViewModel. MVVM suggests separating the data presentation logic: UI or Views from the business logic, it is very compact, lightweight and easy to use.

It also makes easier to develop advanced and high-function solutions, such as extensive data-powered dashboard or user interfaces.

Our JavaScript development company has huge experience with Vue.js. We used it to build dozens of scalable and dynamic websites, and web applications for small to medium level agencies contributing to our client’s success even now.

When to choose Vue js

  • You want to prototype an idea as quickly as possible
  • When you want to build Highly scalable and flexible app
  • You need to integrate with the other apps or current MPAs and SPAs
  • You want smooth and elegant Animations and interaction
  • You want Progressive, Customized and High Performance web app
  • When Want to build MVP(Minimum Viable Product) in minimum time

Angular JS

Angular framework is maintained by Google and due to their cleaner and intuitive code, it helps build super responsive sites so easily.

It gives your users experience of a smooth web performance, and it also puts you in control over scalability. You can fulfil huge data requirements by building data models on Immutable.js, RxJS, or another push-model.

Angular will saves your time, provides security, and user experience design with ease.

Why to choose Angular js

  • No Page Reloads
  • To make Extensive data Related app
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Reduced development time and cost
  • Scalability
  • Reusability
  • Mobile friendly and Responsive in all device
  • Smart change detection
  • Unique Abstraction Layer
  • Affordable
  • REST API friendly
  • Localization
  • Fast-tracked development for web & mobile apps because of MVC.

Why to choose Optimumitapps for javascript web development

Custom front-end development
Hire Optimumitapps Javascript developers who develop web applications that provide simple, intuitive, attractive and responsive user interfaces.

Design concepts
Our Javascript coders use web programming languages ​​such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript along with Bootstrap, Tailwind and other frameworks to develop web applications.

Full stack development
Hire full-stack web developers from Optimumitapps who work on both the front-end and back-end of web applications using different technologies and frameworks.

SEO best practices
Hire Javascript developers in India who implement SEO best practices in your web applications by coordinating with the digital marketing team.

Website maintenance
Our experienced Javascript developers, engineers and programmers provide you with post-maintenance of web applications at a predetermined minimum fee.

Performance optimization
Hire Optimumitapps Javascript developers who will optimize your web applications using front-end optimization services to become browser-friendly and easier to load.

Front-end migration
Our experienced UI developers, engineers and programmers are expert at migrating your web applications to backend web development.

UI / UX testing
Hire the best Javascript developers in India who provide testing services for your existing web applications and fix bugs in no time

OptimumItApps is a leading Javascript web development company. We understand the power and capabilities of Javascript web engineering and bring our 7+ years of website and web application development experience to offer you well crafted Javascript web development services that will help your application and idea take off and stand out, so don't wait, Contact us now and we will shape your dream into a real project.


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